La domination - volume 2
par sidonie


Anonymous Anonyme said...

Attention : Mr. Denis Robert,

I am an amercian litigating in Luxembourg, France, and the United States, concerning a money washing incident involving the Republicain Party (The Affair FONDO with Francois Leotard, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, Serge Hauchart) : I can see by the way the figures coincide, to a 99.999999% degree of accuracy, that the DGI in Amiens, Champagne Ayala in Reims, and the ABN AMRO Bank in Luxembourg are involved. The DGI's redressements coincide to Serge Hauchart's stock transfers, that coincide to Ayala's fake invoices, that coincide to deposits at the ABN AMRO. This may be of some help to your case in Luxembourg. My Email : Midshore@pt.lu
Best of Luck
John Gidding


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